Buy Used Stahl Folding Machines

Whether you are just entering into the professional folding business, looking for long-term expansion of your already established folding business or just looking for just greater efficiency in industrial jobs; you will find the right folding machine right here at New City Graphic Services.

At New City Graphic Services, you will find the widest range of Stahl folding machine for sale in India. The Stahl machines will make your job easier and as they can perform a variety of folding jobs. With high efficiency on both large and small print runs, Stahl folding machines will become your go-to machine, whatever the job is

For those lacking the funds to purchase a new machine, the used Stahl folding machines we sell are good as new. The machines on offer come with an extensive range of configurations, helping you tackle the troublesome of tasks with ease. Some of the popular configurations are the buckle plate and combination folding machines, and the automatic and manual machine. You can also get additional features like camera systems and cutting devices in certain models of used Stahl folding machines available with us for sell.

Winner of numerous awards, the many different option packages available in Stahl folding machines provide the optimal solution for folded packaging inserts. Even for the complex jobs, the automation in Stahl folding machines shortens your make-ready times to the minimum time possible.

The paper folding machines offered by us, both new and used Stahl folding machines, are preferred for various printing needs. Since these Stahl folding machines are manufactured using superior quality material at the manufacturer's end, they are well-known for their sturdy structure. Before arriving for sale, these machines undergo stringent quality checks, which are supplemented by further checks from our side before being delivered to you. Both the new and used Stahl folding machines are available in various specifications with us, and are offered to you at competitive prices.

Taking Care of Your Folding Machine

Taking care of your folding machine needs regular maintenance and cleaning. Regular maintenance will ensure that your machine remains in excellent condition. Here are some tips to maintain your folding machine:

Safety Tip - Before you clean your folding machine, ensure that the power is turned off and you have unplugged the power cord from the power outlet. A unit that is not unplugged from its power source can be dangerous.

  • To ensure that machine does not accumulate dust, paper particles, etc. cover it whenever it is not in use. If the dust gets accumulated on the fold rollers, the paper will not feed smoothly, leading to paper jams.
  • Clean the rollers periodically. This will prevent the improper folding of paper as accumulated ink, particles, dust, etc. can hamper the efficiency of the machine. The best way to clean the rollers is use a gentle solution made of soap and water. Use this solution to wipe down the rollers and remove any debris sticking to rollers. You may be required to remove the rollers from the machine to clean them properly.
  • Accumulation of paper particles, ink, etc. on paper feed rubber roller or the paper separator can hamper the paper feed performance. This can cause the paper to slip and possibly cause a jam. To avoid this situation, use the soap and water solution to periodically clean both the rubber roller and separator.
  • Periodical cleaning of the paper feed tires will help prevent marking.
  • Consumables such as paper feed rollers, paper feed separator and rubber brake will eventually wear out and will need replacing. Rollers will need replacing when they become cracked and look worn out.

These steps will work fine with any folding machine be it a Stahl folding machine or some other model. You should also carry out the periodic maintenance as required by the manufacturer.

Why Buy From New City Graphic Servicess?

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