Used Polly Printing Machine

New City Graphic Services, the leading second-hand offset printing machine dealer in India, offers a wide range of used Polly printing machines. We have on offer Polly 466, Polly 745, Polly 755 and Polly 566 machines, among others. These Polly printing machines are highly renowned for their strong construction, and are useful if you need to print images, designs and logos on bags and fabrics. The Polly 466, Polly 745, Polly 755 and Polly 566 are manufactured by Adast, a company that has a long and rich history when it comes to high-quality printing machines. The Polly printing machines are meticulously manufactured at their highly sophisticated manufacturing centre. The company utilizes high quality components and progressive technology, adhering to the quality expected from a company of their repute. What's more, when you buy a used printing machine made by Adast, be it Polly 466 or Polly 566 or some other, you can rest assured that it will meet the FOGRA recommendations. The Polly printing machines with us are in the range of two, four, five and more colour versions. All Polly printing machines on offer are from diversified technical specifications, and available at an economical range.

Some of the features of the Polly Printing machines available with us are:

  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Hassle-free working
  • Provide excellent quality printing
  • Easy loading and unloading of printing rolls
  • Adjustable printing speed and tension
  • Hassle-free working to achieve excellent quality printing

The machines are suitable for printing plastic, BOPP, PET, PVC, CPP, Paper, etc.

The New City Graphic Services advantage

We are the leading dealer of used offset printing machines in India and have on offer some of the most popular used Polly printing models on sale. Our success has been built on the commitment to quality and efficiency, and those have been our guiding principles for more than three decades now.

The Polly 466, Polly 745, Polly 755 and Polly 566 are some of the models, among others, available with us. All our products are put under stringent checks and are assessed for quality by our in-house experts. This ensures maximum customer satisfaction. When you purchase Polly printing machine from us, you not only get an excellent machine from a well-known manufacturer but also make huge savings on the cost front.

We offer only the best quality of second-hand offset printing machine required by Indian printing industry. Whatever be your requirement, you can rest assured that it will be fulfilled with New City Graphic Services. If you have any queries or doubts, feel free to contact us via call, e-mail or by leaving a message on our website. Our team will get in touch with you at the earliest.