Used Polar Cutting Machines

Polar cutting machines are among the best high speed cutters available in the market. Polar cutting machines are renowned for their quality, efficiency and durability. We, New City Graphic Services, are among the few companies that sell used Polar cutting machines in India. A quick look at the Polar machines on sale at our site and you will find all the popular models ranging from Polar 92 to Polar 115. These Polar cutting machines can not only process paper but can be used to process cardboard, plastics and paperboard also.

Versatile Machines

Designed to meet the requirement of the printing press, the Polar cutting machines are among the most popular cutters in printing industry. These machines find favor with leading presses cutting both printed and unprinted paper.

That is not all, the Polar cutting machine are a versatile performer can easily process a long list of materials. This long list includes materials such as plastic signs, wafers, plastic wraps, polyethylene, acetate film, photo paper and plasticized PVC. You can also use the Polar cutting machine to process leather, wood veneers and carpet specimen. The Polar cutters will easily handle these materials, be it a Polar 92 and Polar 115.

Solving Some Common Problems Associated with Cutting Machines

Cutting Machines have eliminated the hassles associated with cutting huge stacks of paper manually. The machine cuts huge stack of paper in the neatest possible way. But just like with any machine, you can face problems with cutting machines. The most common problems associated with cutting machines are due to:

  • Lack of proper maintenance
  • Poor performance of blades
  • Inexperienced users
  • Unsafe machine operations

Here is how you can tackle these problems:

  • Lack of Maintenance of the Unit
  • Any machine will stop functioning if it is used in a rough manner and periodic maintenance isn't carried out. Regular cleaning of the machine is vital for its smooth operations. Owners need to lubricate the parts regularly so that cutter cuts the paper smoothly, in addition to carrying out periodic cleaning.

  • Poor-performing blades
  • The main function of the paper cutter machine is carried out by the blades. They need to be extremely sharp to ensure accurate cuts. The best way to avoid this problem will be to opt for self-sharpening blade sets. Otherwise normal blade will require change after every 40 hours of cutting.

  • Inexperienced Users
  • Earlier the cutting machine was operated by an expert only. But with today's automatic paper cutting machine, even novices in the job start working on the machine without proper training. Remember an inexperienced user is more likely carry out the job and neglect the upkeep of machine and its surrounding. To avoid this, proper training needs to be given to the machine operator.

  • Unsafe Machine Operations
  • Lack of safety measures and carelessness of the user can lead to workplace injuries. To be on the safe side, try getting a paper cutting machine that has adjustable features. Also, always stick to instruction manual to ensure that you stay on the right track.

Why New City Graphic Servicess ?

An active importer of second hand offset printing Machine, New City Graphic Services is a company that has made a commitment to not compromise on the quality of the products and services it provides. We operate out of the heart of the country, with our offices situated in New Delhi. We have been in this field since 1988 and are among the most experienced companies in the line of importing Machine, including used Polar cutting machines in India.