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As a manufacturer of printing machines, Komori, a Japanese brand, has earned international repute through its consistent quality of products and unhindered progress. In the business since the year 1923, this brand is credited for having introduced the first offset machine with four colours. The brand's dedication towards outdoing their own selves is what makes them a leader in their field of work.

Selling a wide variety of second hand Machine for over 30 years now, New City Graphic Services is a popular dealer of used Komori printing machines in India. While going through our product list, you will find some of the best-known models of Komori printing products, including used Komori L 440, Komori L 640, Komori L 426, Komori L 428, Komori L 526 and Komori L 528, and many more.

All our products are examined by well-trained technical personnel who have been doing this for years now. They thoroughly examine the products for any issues, and take care of the problem if found. We assure you that you shall find superior quality used Komori printing machines at the best rates, right here. However, in case of query or complaint, you can always get in touch with our sales representatives through call or simply by dropping a message on our website.

Preparing a Preventative Maintenance Schedule for Your Printing Machine

A maintenance schedule is nothing but a series of procedures and inspections of your printing equipment. The procedures and inspection are done in addition to the normal maintenance that is performed regularly. This is the most effective way to make the machines in your press perform to their best.

To prepare a preventative maintenance schedule, you will need a notebook, calendar and pencil. The first step is to make a list of all the machines in your press and have them organized by the complexity of Machine.

You can adopt the following Maintenance Cycle for your offset printing press:

  • If the machine is used less than once a month - Perform the cycle every six months
  • If the machine is used every week - Perform the cycle every month
  • If the machine is used daily - Perform the cycle every week

Maintenance cycle will include the following, in addition to the maintenance requirement as prescribed by the manufacturer:

  • Cleaning and polishing the press body
  • A check on fastener for proper torque
  • Checking for proper lubrication
  • Ensuring that equipment is level and supports remain stable
  • Checking belts and drive chains for proper tension
  • Inspection cylinder for proper clearance
  • Inspection of trucks and rail
  • Inspection platen square
  • Inspection of oil levels
  • Inspection for corrosion
  • Checking all chases for flatness, corner cracks and square

Adapt your maintenance schedule as per your equipment and the care suggested by your machine's manufacturer.

The New City Graphic Services Advantage

New City Graphic Services remains the leading dealer for used Komori Printing Machines in India. With stringent quality checks, we bring to you only the best Komori printing machine. We have been present in the market for more than 3 decades and the trust shown by our customer is a testament of our commitment to quality and efficiency.

Some of the common Kamori machines that you will find with us are the Komori L 440, Komori L 640 Komori L 526 and Komori L 528. When you purchase Machine from us, you not ensure that you get the best used Komori machine available in India you also save money, as we offer machines at competitive prices. If you have any confusions or queries, get in touch with us and our experts will get down to helping you straight away.

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