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A renowned name in the international printing industry, Heidelberg is recognized for its wide-range of superior quality printing machines. The brand has been a pioneer in the development and improvement of printing technologies all over the world. The Speedmaster 72, first introduced by the brand in 1974, and Heidelberg SM 102 are among some of the best recognized products by this brand.

Offset Press Maintenance - A Guide

If you want to run your press smoothly you will surely need a maintenance program. While many offset press owners rely on third party for the maintenance, many take it upon themselves. While each press is different, here is a general maintenance program you can follow.

Rollstand and Infeed Maintenance

There are different types of rollstand and infeeders such as zero-speed and flying pasters, but the following maintenance steps will apply to them nonetheless:

  • Clean the festoon rollers and idler as they usually start collecting tape from the splices. Ensure that you spend enough time to get them very clean.
  • Lubricate the machine properly. Consult your press manufacturer and isolate the grease points.
  • Clean the photo electric eyes. Make this a daily task as a little dust can lead to a lot of trouble.
  • Make inspection of web severing knife and soft rubber rollers a regular affair. You don't want to wait till you start missing splices.
  • Clean the area around the paster. Also, vacuum all the electrical components inside the press.

Printing Units

  • Ensure that all rollers setting are according to the manufacturer's specifications. This will make sure that there is less plate wear and that the rollers will last for long.
  • Make sure that you wash the unit at regular intervals. The regular interval could be weekly or even monthly.
  • Recondition the rollers after the wash.
  • Wash all trays, roller ends, side frames and anyplace that has ink or dust.
  • Check the bearer pressure. If necessary replace the blankets.

Water System Maintenance

  • Flush out the water system regularly and replace it with new water. If your water source is unstable, re-establish the pH and conductivity. This will help remove ink and water balances issues later on.
  • Clean all water tray and reserve tank
  • Change the filters
  • Clean the sensors


  • Clean the nozzles present in the heat set dryer and ensure that any residue is also removed.
  • Clear the air filters of debris.
  • All though parts in dryer rarely require lubrication, there are various drives, motors and pulley system that may require attention.

All this step will help keep your offset printing machine running nice and smooth be it the Heidelberg SM 102 or Heidelberg 72f

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