Buy used Adast Dominant Printing machines in India with New City Graphic Services

Adast printing machines have had a very successful sales history in the past. Originally associated with a steam engine manufacturer in the small town of Adamov, Adast Adamov has a rather peculiar story as a printing machine manufacturer. The firm had gone into producing arms during the World War II and was not nationalized until 1947. The printing machine manufacturing was actually a disguise for the arms' production.

It was when the small offset presses in Canada, USA, USSR and Japan went onto to become major business successes in the 1960s that the company decided to take their printing machine business more seriously. The company soon began producing larger machines, what we popularly know today as the Dominant. However, after the bankruptcy and end of Adast Adamov in 2008 and Adast Blansko, another printing press producer from the town of Blansko, in 2005, the production of their presses had ceased too.

But we have a solution to this problem. New City Graphic Services has been supplying good-conditioned, used Adast Dominant printing machines in India for a long time now. Going through our collection, you will find different models of the Dominant including 514, 526, 547, 557 and so on. However, the Dominant models are not all that we have to offer from Adast.

To ensure complete customer satisfaction, we carry out thorough assessments of all our products for quality. Technical experts take care of the mending and maintenance in case of issues. We also have a dedicated team of customer support professionals who aid you in case of any query or complaint.

Preventive Maintenance Tips

Follow the preventive maintenance tips in addition to the maintenance schedule supplied by the manufacturer of your press. These steps will work all presses regardless of the manufacturer, be it Adast Printing Machine or Heidelberg or Komori.

  • Check all the hydraulic lines and fittings for leaks. Small leaks can later on lead to large problems.
  • Check for oil level and operating temperature, and ensure that optimal level is maintained. Low oil levels can cause pump inefficiency due to the air entering instead of liquid when being pumped. Oil that is too hot can lead to premature breakdowns. Checking the oil temperatures also works a warning that circuit components may not be performing well.
  • Ensure that the oil is not contaminated. Impure oil can cause significant damage or even complete system failure.
  • It doesn't matter if the press is all-welded construction or a tie-rod model; its functioning will depend on nuts and bolts. Check if all the fasteners are attached perfectly at least once a month.
  • Press machines with light curtains, safety mats, gate interlocks, etc. should be tested before operations. If the safety device is found defective, lock the press and perform the needed service as soon as possible.

When it comes to replacing components of press, be proactive. Your manufacturer would have set expected service life for each part of the press. Remember, it is less costly and far simpler to change the parts on a regular basis instead of waiting for a component to stop working and possibly harm the whole machine.

Why New City Graphic Services should be your choice

A leader when it comes to importing and selling used offset Machine in India, at New City Graphic Services, you will find the best used Adast Dominant Printing Machines for sale in India. All our Adast printing machines are as good as new and provide the best bang for your buck. With an experience of over three decades of dealing in second hand offset Machine, we make sure that all our machines are assessed and put through quality checks before being put on sale; ensuring quality is not compromised on. If you need more information, you can simply leave a message on our website or get in touch with us, and our experts will ensure that query is resolved at the earliest.